First Look at the Trailer for 2:13

This killer has a thing for masks

Serial killers have a penchant for leaving a calling card at a crime scene and in the upcoming 2:13 (or, Two: Thirteen as it was title when the film was first announced) a maniac is leaving his victims behind with various “fleshy” guises. You can get a taste of his (or her) handiwork in the film’s trailer which we’ve received acquired.

Mark Thompson writes, produces and stars in the film as Detective Spivey, a fella burdened by his own personal demons who has to catch the film’s killer. Also starring are Teri Polo (Meet the Parents), Kevin Pollack (Otis), Dwight Yoakam (Crank) and Mark Pelligrino (Dexter). And if you look at the trailer and wonder why it looks so good, that’s because David Armstrong of the Saw franchise shot it for director Charles Adelman. Armstrong also serves as producer.

Peace Arch Entertainment recently acquired the film for distribution (details).

Source: Official Site


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