Dillahunt Talks Last House on the Left Remake


“I’m really proud of it.”

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles actor Garret Dillahunt recently spoke with Newsarama about his role in that series as well as his part in Rogue Pictures’ The Last House on the Left. In the redo, directed by Dennis Iliadis, Dillahunt slips into the shoes of the killer known as Krug (once played by David Hess in Craven’s original).

“It’s still pretty graphic and we had never seen a movie like that back in the day. It didn’t really do it for me when I saw it just because my tastes have changed,” Dillahunt says. “If any movie deserves to be remade, it’s this one. Not a lot of people even know about the original movie and it’s not like we are remaking The Godfather. I had a great time on it, it was a challenge acting wise, and we were with a group of people who really wanted to transcend the genre and the material. I say that because we made a movie I’m really proud of and I can’t wait for it to come out.”

Positive endorsement from a man whose performance in the remake is sure to raise a few eyebrows. The Last House on the Left also stars Rhys Coiro, Sara Paxton, Martha MacIsaac, Riki Lindhome, Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter. Look for it in theaters next spring.

Source: Newsarama