Padalecki on Friday the 13th vs. Bloody Valentine


And, which film had the better preview?

Those Winchester fellas from Supernatural are at it again, volleying jabs at each other now that they each have a horror movie coming up in 2009. And in a strategic move this week, New Line pit its Friday the 13th teaser, starring Jared Padalecki, against the trailer for My Bloody Valentine 3D, with Jensen Ackles, on the same day.

Continuing the smack talk which began on the Friday set here, and the retaliation recounted by Ackles’ co-star Kerr Smith in this discussion, Padalecki explains to why Friday the 13th will be the better film. “Because Jensen’s not in it and I am,” he says when we caught up to him recently. “And I hope that gets back around to him. I’m very excited about My Bloody Valentine 3D. Jensen had a lot of cool things to say about it. He had a great time. But we’ve got Jason, though. We’ve got Jason!”

“You have to have fun,” Padalecki goes on to say, commenting on the rapport with his co-star. “I grew up in Texas playing sports where talking shit is…like if you’re friends with somebody, you can tell them ‘Go F yourself’ and not get a reaction. I respond better with the ribbing, so it was fun to call Jensen when he was working late. A few times he’d text me, ‘Hey dude, you on set?’ And I’d tell him I was off and going to sleep, so he’d make it a point to call a couple of hours later knowing I was asleep. It’s cool, I love the fact that fans notice that, ’cause we have a great time.”

You’ve seen both trailers now. So, who do you think came out on top with the best preview: Jared or Jensen?