NetherBeast Incorporated


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Darrell Hammond as Turner Claymore

Judd Nelson as Steven P.D. Landry

Dave Foley as Henry Welby

Steve Burns as Otto Granberry

Amy Davidson as Pearl Stricklett

Jason Mewes as Waxy Dan

Robert Wagner as President James Garfield

Directed by Dean Matthew Ronalds


In NetherBeast Incorporated the Ronald Brothers have created a production that will give all you corporate working horror fans something to fantasize about. Imagine working in your titillating cubicle when your boss calls you into his office only for you to find that he has driven a stake through your coworker’s heart, telling you that he was a vampire. Now what if you were a vampire too and your boss as well, hell the whole office building is employed by them. What do you do?

Well, if your name is Otto Granberry then you sure as hell know what I’m talking about. Berm-Tech industries has been around for over 100 years and since its start has been solely run by vampires or should I say, “Netherfolk” as they prefer to be called. When the head of the company begins to suffer from the “retardations” (Netherfolk senility) and forgets he himself is a vampire, Otto and his Berm-Tech crew must decide between putting him out of his misery and trying to reverse the effects. It’s not until he hires the first human employee that the situation really gets out of hand more so when another newcomer comes around to evaluate the team.

What really made got me excited about this one was the incredible cast. You have Darrel Hammond (Saturday Night Live) playing Otto’s boss, Otto (played by Blue’s Clues star Steve Burns) and Dave Foley of Kids In The Hall notoriety. There is also Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club, The Dark Backward), Jason Mewes (Clerks) and veteran actor Robert Wagner!

For the most part Berm-Tech is left to its own devices. The staff is rarely allowed to leave the building; in fact they all live on the upper levels of the facility and hiring new staff never happens. When you can’t die or age and when you need to feast on human flesh you don’t really want to bring in outsiders. Otto explains all this to us through a very cleverly written narrative, which includes animated interludes that outlines the entire history and do’s and don’ts of Netherfolk. Eventually this all leads up to a finale that I honestly didn’t see coming. Maybe I was too enthralled during the movie itself, regardless it left a taste in my mouth that I was more than happy to walk away with.

It’s very refreshing to watch a film that can hold its own to the Hollywood machine and still offer something entirely new and bold. If you are looking for something funny, bloody and quirky than this comes highly recommended.