Big Brother Has Zombie Problem in Dead Set


Reality bites…

E-mails have trickled into the in-box, to the point where I couldn’t dismiss them, with news from our readers in England about a new series called Dead Set.

Taking a bite out of E4’s airwaves on Monday, October 27th, the series is the fictional account of one group of British Big Brother contestants facing a zombie outbreak. They’re unaware of the devastation occurring outside at first until the problem breaches the confines of the Big Brother house, then it becomes a fight for survival.

The teaser is fun, it co-stars cutie Jaime Winstone from Donkey Punch and Big Brother presenter Davina McCall turns up for a cameo (see below). Dead Set was written by Charlie Brooker who describes the series as “a horror-thriller with satirical, darkly comic undertones. But mainly it’s a horror-thriller.”

The five-part series begins next week and wraps on Halloween night. A PAL DVD release follows on November 3rd. For a look at the trailer click here!

Davina McCall in Dead Set

Source: Official Site