Producer Still Aims to Drive the Night


A haunted house road movie?

Drive the Night, a supernatural thriller from writer-director Bill Bennett, was supposed to be in post-production by now. As we’ve come to find out from producer Jorge Saralegui, principal photography never even started as planned over the summer.

“We’re raising financing,” he updates “We were trying to put it together with Myriad – and they’re still involved – and an Australian special effects company that was going to invest in it, but their terms were a bit silly. So we’re looking to replace that piece and it will go.”

Saralegui, who is currently in England co-producing Clive Barker’s Dread, was attached to Drive in May. “It used to be called The Road and it’s about a haunted road,” he explains. Traversing this mean stretch of blacktop located in Australia is a young couple who spend a night fighting for their lives. “It’s a good basic idea, I think. When we started it wasn’t a haunted road, it started as a thriller. It was originally called E is for Empty. It was a couple who run into this bad-ass couple. At some point Bill Bennett thought of the idea of turning it into something supernatural where you get onto this road and you can’t get off it, it’s trying to kill you.”

He believes the script offers a departure from the usual genre fare set in spooky abodes. “The road is the haunted house. You can do classic haunted house stuff you may have seen too many times but you put it on a road and it looks different and feels right.” We’ll update you with more on Drive the Night as it comes in!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor