Producers Talk Barker’s Madonna Adaptation


His gender-changing mob thriller

Continuing its goal to produce two Clive Barker adaptations a year, Seraphim Films and Matador Pictures are already pushing two titles into the 2009 pipeline.

On the set of their latest effort, Dread, producer Jorge Saralegui tells that he has penned an adaptation of the “Books of Blood” story The Madonna which will roll before Pig Blood Blues next year. “We were looking for something to do between Dread and Pig Blood Blues. Our other projects that we have in development were not quite ready.”

The Madonna, among the stories that are left, is clearly a movie,” he adds. “It’s evenly paced, it feels like a movie and it’s easy to flesh out. What appealed to me about this is the sexuality. That’s my favorite part of horror, probably – when you start screwing with sexual notions. I felt I had a really feel for the story and I knew I couldn’t pull any punches. I pull no punches.”

“It’s such an interesting story,” offers Saralegui’s co-producer Joe Daley. The Madonna is this creature that lives in this abandoned bath house. The men that enter this cavern are slowly turned into women. You deal with such horrific fears these men share in the presence of the Madonna, in her lair, with these women that live in this place. It’s a total taboo.”

Saralegui agrees “the story is the male fear of their own female side. That’s fun to do and in this film we’ve got a gangster who’s all guy and starts to turn into a woman. He can’t accept his own feminine side coming out. Whereas the other guy ends up going with it.”

When Saralegui turned in his first draft, it was a tight 80 pages which received praise and support from Dread‘s Anthony DiBlasi and Barker. “There’s a movie called Possession [starring Sam Neil], and Barker said when he read it, that movie was on his mind.”

If that film is any indication as to what’s in store for The Madonna, then we’re in for one warped ride.