Relativity Wants Rogue Pictures


And films like Hack/Slash, Strangers 2

Relativity Media is in negotiations with Universal to acquire the assets of Rogue Pictures, the genre label of the studio.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the proposed deal would see Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity purchase 13 library titles, four upcoming films and more than 30 projects in development at Rogue, which was launched in 2004 as a division of Universal’s Focus Features. In 2007 Rogue became an independent specialty unit of the parent studio.

The deal, if completed, would have an added benefit for film financier Relativity because it would allow Relativity to distribute the films it produces, as well as the Rogue titles it is acquiring, through Uni’s distribution system.

Universal would continue to market and distribute the Rogue films that Relativity is acquiring, and Relativity would also be able to turn to Universal to handle other titles.

Since Rogue’s activities will be continuing under new ownership, it is not immediately clear how the acquistion will affect its current execs and employees.

The purchase would cover Rogue films now in post-production, which include Fighting, starring Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard; Platinum Dunes’ The Unborn, from writer-director David Goyer, and a remake of The Last House on the Left.

Relativity also would pick up the first-look deals Rogue has with Platinum Dunes and Wes Craven, while Uni would get first right of refusal, for a set period of time, for any sequels based on any of the movies released.

Rogue’s development slate numbers 32 projects, ranging from the adaptations of the video game Castlevania and the comic book Hack/Slash to the 1980s teen movie remake Three O’Clock High and The Strangers 2.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter