Padalecki Bulked Up to Take on Voorhees


“He’s like a pitbull.”

Jared Padalecki Bulked Up for Friday the 13th“Yes! It’s a proud day in the Padalecki household!” actor Jared Padalecki beamed on the red carpet at the Scream 2008 awards show when I told him early reports from a recent Friday the 13th screening applauded its high quotient of T ‘n A. “Too bad it wasn’t me, man. I think my tits and ass were properly covered during the shooting of the movie.”

Padalecki, who broke from shooting Supernatural in Vancouver for Spike TV’s ceremony in Los Angeles last night, explained to Shock why he’s so enamored with Platinum Dunes’ new Jason Voorhees

“[Jason actor] Derek Mears is a big guy, a capable guy. He’s not just a big bear. I’m not a small guy and I actually put on weight for the movie,” Padalecki admits. “Because I thought if I was an audience member watching the movie, the last thing I would want to see is some guy who’s tall and skinny fighting Jason. I wanted to at least look like I could take care of myself. So I started hitting the weights, protein shakes…but Derek brings a humanity to the character even through the mask. He’s a human who’s just had bad shit comes his way.”

Is that to say the audience is going to empathize with Jason? “Just for a split second before he starts massacring people. But he’s like a pitbull. He’s active and takes care of himself so you don’t feel like you can easily crawl away from him.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor