Buzzington Settles into New Terminal Hotel


Co-starring Shepis and Geoffreys

Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors) is co-starring alongside Tiffany Shepis and Stephen Geoffreys in writer-director BC Furtney’s indie horror effort New Terminal Hotel.

Buzzington will star as “Spitz” a wheelchair-bound child pornographer who’s a resident of the hotel and a friend of Geoffreys’ lead character.

“I get why Spitz is into the terrible sh*t he’s into,” says Buzzington. “He’s trapped in an act not of his own design so he takes his aggressions and frustrations out on the most innocent source he can find. He’s kind of a sick f**k. And those are always the most fun to play.”

Buzzington recently wrapped Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! for director Chad Ferrin. In that film, the actor stars as John Hopper, a ’70s-styled serial killer/rapist who returns from the past due to some shenanigans played by medical students in “Someone’s Knocking at the Door”.

New Terminal Hotel is scheduled for shooting next month outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.