Update: 28 Months Later Director Found?


He took us to The Cottage

Update: Sorry, folks, but TwitchFilm.net is reporting this is not true in the slightest.

A sequel in the 28 Days Later series entitled 28 Months Later has been rumored for some time. Whenever director Danny Boyle surfaces to promote a new movie, the topic is breached.

Now there might be a director attached.

Reporting from the Sitges Film Festival, Arrow in the Head‘s John Fallon was tipped off that Paul Andrew Williams is circling the director’s chair for the threequel. Williams previously helmed the horror-comedy The Cottage starring Andy Serkis. The film is a reverent take on the slasher genre. If Williams is attached, he may have to temper the humor that was a particular strength in the Cottage.

Arrow didn’t get any other updates about Months (i.e. how close it is to pre-production), so keep it here for the latest!

Source: Arrow in the Head