EXCL: First Look at Perkins’ 14


One of the new 8 Films to Die For

An exclusive image from Perkins’ 14 has floated our way courtesy of After Dark Films. Currently in post-production with director Craig Singer (Dark Ride), the film follows Robert Perkins, who at age six, becomes mentally unstable when his parents are brutally murdered inside their home. His psychosis has him living the rest of his life convinced that the killers will return in the future to kill him as well. At age 34, Perkins kidnaps 14 people from his hometown of Stone Cove and brainwashes them, creating a unified team of psycho killers. Josh Davidson, Trey Farley, Katherine Pawlak and Heather Tocquigny star.

Perkins’ 14 will be part of After Dark’s Horrorfest in January 2009.

Click below for the full hi-res photo!

Source: After Dark Films