Ruggero Deodato Hails Natas


What’s the status on Cannibals?

Speaking at Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear in Toronto this weekend, director Ruggero Deodato looked back on the controversy surrounding Cannibal Holocaust and spoke about two upcoming projects during a panel Sunday.

Deodato told the audience he’s chewing on another film in development he’ll direct after his upcoming Holocaust companion piece Cannibals. Labeled as an “Italian Masters of Horror,” the project will find Deodato helming one of four films. “[It is] four directors, four different [horror] movies. I’m the only one shooting something more realistic. The others are more splatter.”

In this endeavor he’s being joined by Lamberto Bava, the Manetti Brothers and Sergio Stivaletti. Although this quartet as a whole has yet to be named, Deodato says, “The name of my movie is Natas [‘Satan’ backwords] – it’s a story of two girlfriends who kill another friend.”

Natas will begin principal photography next year.

As for Cannibals, Deodato is sad to report the film is still in limbo due to reported differences with the producer. “I wanted to finish the script and pre-production, but after the Cannes Film Festival the producer wanted to cut several parts just to save money,” Deodato explains, speaking exclusively to Shock after the panel. “But I don’t want to do the movie without these parts. I won’t do it unless I get them in there. We’ll be talking with the producer at the end of the summer.”