Internet-Born Perkins’ 14 Hits Theaters in January


As part of the third After Dark Horrorfest

Perkins’ 14, currently in post-production in NYC, is the first feature film to be developed entirely over the Internet. Produced by After Dark Films, and Massify in association with FanLib, Perkins’ 14 will be distributed in theaters nationwide in January 2009 as part of the third After Dark Horrorfest.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Craig Singer (Dark Ride, Dead Dogs Lie, A Good Night to Die), with a screenplay by Lane Shadgett (Luna Park, All Lost Souls), Perkins’ 14 was developed online at Writers were invited to upload story pitches, and actors submitted audition videos. The site’s community members then voted on their favorite story and on which actors they thought deserved to be cast in the four main roles.

The winning idea, submitted by Jeremy Donaldson, follows Robert Perkins, who at age six, becomes mentally unstable when his parents are brutally murdered inside their home. His psychosis has him living the rest of his life convinced that the killers will return in the future to kill him as well. At age 34, Perkins kidnaps 14 people from his hometown of Stone Cove and brainwashes them, creating a unified team of psycho killers.

Shot on location in Romania, Perkins’ 14 features Shayla Beesley, Katherine Pawlak (“Lonelygirl15”), Josh Davidson, and Trey Farley (Bend It Like Beckham). Former Misfits frontman Michale Graves’ song “Blackbird,” is featured in the film. Graves also acts in it, playing the love interest of lead actress Shayla Beesley’s character.