Del Toro Talks Mimic Director’s Cut

How much difference would it make?

Rotten Tomatoes got some quality time with Guillermo Del Toro to talk not just about Hellboy but other films in his career, too, including the director’s 1997 film Mimic.

His first U.S. effort, the film starred Mira Sorvino against giant cockroaches that could take a rough human guise. The experience was troubling for Del Toro, to say the least. Dimension Films tampered with the final cut and the results were scattershot.

Del Toro tells RT that it would be “worth going back [to Mimic] for me,” to do a director’s cut “and I’m trying to do it. It’ll not make a massive difference, but I think tonally it will.” He adds, “It’s not going to be the Director’s Cut to end all Director’s Cuts, it’s just going to make a minute difference to a movie that is not a lost classic by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe the screenplay is really good and I urge people to read it on the net.”

What would change, though? “I would retrieve those fake scares, I would put back some of the other content, and I would hope it makes a different. But who knows?”

For the full video interview, click here.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes


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