Teaser, First Details for Spain’s Sexykiller

Giving new meaning to “fashion victim”

Macarena Gómez (Dagon, 6 Films to Keep You Awake) racks up a mean body count in Sexykiller, Warner Bros.’ horror-comedy bowing in Spain this fall.

In it Gómez plays a fashion-obsessed killer who stalks a college campus. We’re presuming there’s a heavy emphasis on the laughs based on the teaser below and director Miguel Martí’s light and breezy track record of comedies. Still, writer Paco Cabezas is no stranger to the genre, however, having penned the Spanish thriller The Appeared.

Stills from the production can be found at Aullidos. And if you’re heading to the Sitges Film Festival, maybe you’ll want to make some time for Sexykiller.

Source: Aullidos, YouTube


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