Walton on Mutant Chronicles Role

Two international posters revealed

In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Anna Walton plays Princess Nuala, keeper of a significant relic that can awaken the titular troops and destroy the human race. Next up for the actress, The Mutant Chronicles, Simon Hunter’s post-apocalyptic actioner about a mutant scourge spreading across the Earth. She joins Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman and John Malkovich in an effort to stop this menace.

“I play Severian, she’s the protector of Ron’s character [Brother Samuel] and they are the holders of the chronicles to basically save the world,” notes Walton at the red carpet premiere of Hellboy. The aforementioned chronicles, you see, predicted the mutant rising, but it tells of their destroyer. Perlman’s Samuel believes he’s that man. As for Severian, “Her job is to get in the way of any bullets – not that there are any bullets in it – but to do whatever it takes to look after him.”

“I loved the shooting experience,” she adds. “There was a lot of action. It was fun to be fighting and to do that training. I did as many of the stunts as I was allowed to do myself. And the wire work. I really loved that. It was very different to Nuala.”

Walton will next be seen in NBC’s Crusoe which airs next season and stars Sam Neill, Sean Bean and Joss Ackland.

Below you’ll find two international one-sheets for Chronicles courtesy of Filmz.ru.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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