Seeley, Yuzna Talk Hack/Slash, Re-Animator

On the comic book crossover & West’s future

Tim Seeley, of the hit comic book Hack/Slash, and Brian Yuzna, director of two of the three Re-Animator films, recently spoke to Newsarama about the upcoming comic crossover which introduces Cassie Hack (of Seeley’s series) to Herbert West (get the full details here). There’s a lot to chew on in their interview as Seeley reveals the origins of the story that will bring these two together, why Cassie will never face Michael Myers and what’s up with her long lost pop.

Yuzna shares his own bit of wealth by talking about what he is planning to turn the future of the Re-Animator franchise (some of this is old, some new): “I am working on a comic book version of the first movie right now; and I plan to go onto the second film after that. I’d also like to tell the story of what happened between the two films as well. I have a basic structure set up for at least 3 more films: House of the Re-Animator, Re-Animator Unbound, and Re-Animator Begins. These films would complete the Herbert West Saga (as depicted in the movies). Since it is so difficult to finance and develop movies—I have discussed with my collaborators retelling the first stories and then introducing the additional material that has not made it on-screen yet. I have been working in comics and animation for the past few years and have found it to be just as much fun as film. Things move very quickly and you aren’t so pressured to attract the broadest possible audience. I love the graphics of comics—my first experiences with horror were from reading horror comics when I was very young which happened a long time before I saw my first horror movie. Through working with horror comics recently, I’ve realized that it’s just as thrilling for me to tell stories on paper as opposed to film. It’s really about the story and the art of storytelling that gets me off.”

Source: Newsarama


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