Carpenter on Fear Itself Departure

And Snake Plissken video game

Last night, at a tribute festival at the Santa Monica Aero Theater in Los Angeles, John Carpenter was on hand to answer audience questions in between screenings of the two Snake Plissken adventures: Escape from New York and Escape From L.A.

Carpenter addressed why he wasn’t directing Skin and Bones for Fear Itself, as reported in early April. Carpenter said, “I read the script and liked it a lot, and the two writers [Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan] are good friends of mine, but [the Fear Itself producers] fired Mick Garris! And he was the only reason I wanted to do the TV show…so f**k ’em!”

Alright, so Carpenter’s a bit off in his story. Garris was not fired. In November we reported (here) Garris stepped down as showrunner due to WGA strike complications. He furthered explained why he left here.

The always frank Carpenter also talked a bit about the aborted Snake Plissken video game, which he claims Namco canceled because they “wanted to make more Pac-Man games.”



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