New Film for Let the Right One In Team

Lindqvist’s novel to be adapted

Let the Right One In team Tomas Alfredson and John Ajvide Lindqvist have lined up their next project.

Entitled Manniskohamn (In Human Shape), the story is based on Lindqvist’s recently published novel and concerns a young girl who disappears at a lighthouse and the supernatural occurrences surrounding her father’s return to the scene years later.

“We have made a gentleman’s agreement to make the film together, but we are in no hurry,” Alfredson tells Variety. “It took time to make Let the Right One In, and I think that was only good. We have no production company behind us yet, and we know this will be an expensive film with lots of special effects.”

Magnolia Pictures will release Let the Right One In in the States. Spitfire and Hammer recently acquired the remake rights.

Source: Variety


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