Blowtorch Blamed for Universal Blaze

Damages cost millions

Fire officials say the source of the fire that destroyed a large portion of Universal Studios’ backlot – including the King Kong attraction – on Sunday morning came from a blowtorch.

Three members of a work crew had been using the torch to apply asphalt shingles to the roof of the building. When they finished, they stood watch for an hour, according to company policy, then stepped out for lunch. Forty-five minutes later, a security guard noticed flames in the area. The blaze started in the New York streetscape, featured in Spider-Man 2 and Transformers, and spread also leveling the courthouse square from Back to the Future.

Damages are anticipated to total millions of dollars, however, Universal has now worked the fire into one of the many stops along its backlot tram tour.

Source: MSNBC


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