Update: Lionsgate Has 6 Films to Keep You Awake

Cover art revealed for 3-disc set

Update: We now have a look at the cover art which you’ll find below!

Arriving on DVD from Lionsgate August 19th is the 3-disc collection 6 Films to Keep You Awake, a series of tales from Spain’s most sinister horror directors. The set will include a “making-of” featurette for each of the following entries…

Baby’s Room (directed by Alex De La Iglesia): A couple and their newborn arrive at their new home, a wonderful old house that has been renovated to meet their every need. However, something is living in the baby’s room, something whose presence they can feel each night right there beside their child. It is watching and waiting.

A Christmas (directed by Paco Plaza): A group of children playing in the woods find a woman dressed as Santa Claus who has fallen to the bottom of a well. They discover she is a thief on the run with a substantial haul. They decide to make a deal – her freedom for the money. When the money is in hand, the children’s greed changes their plans, and they decide to keep her captive. Then, one day they unexpectedly find the well is empty. Santa knows who’s been naughty this year and is coming with a sack of deadly gifts!

A Real Friend (directed by Enrique Urbizu): Ten-year-old Estrella spends a lot of time alone at home…or so it appears to everyone else. Like many children, she has imaginary friends, but hers are a bit different. Her friends are monsters. One day, Estrella makes friends with a new monster, a vampire that seems to be more real than the others.

To Let (directed by Jaume Balaguero): Carolina and Tony have looked at dozens of potential apartments, and none of them have worked. When their realtor assures them that a newly refurbished and renovated apartment will be a perfect fit, they decide to check it out. Upon arrival, they find an abandoned looking building without any residents or people in sight. They go up to the 3rd floor and enter the apartment, which is something they should never have done.

Spectre (directed by directed by Mateo Gil): An elderly writer visits the small coastal village where he was born and raised. He reminisces of his childhood and a beautiful, mysterious woman he has been unable to forget. As he walks through his old village he catches a glimpse of the same woman he fell in love with in his youth. However, she has not aged since the day he saw her. He follows her but is not ready for what he finds.

Blame (directed by Narisco Ibanez Serrador): Ana, a gynecologist, invites Gloria, a nurse and friend from the hospital, and Gloria’s daughter Vicky, to come and live with her so Gloria can be her new assistant. The house, a section of which is used as a private clinic, is light, cheerful and peaceful. However, something sinister is alive in there. Once Gloria has moved in, Ana reveals that her private practice is in fact an abortion clinic. It is a clinic where truth, pain, life and death all intermingle and where the patients and doctors are never truly alone.

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