Gordon Enjoyed Time on Fear’s Eater

Director stunned by TV violence

He showed us that there’s potential in getting head from a decapitated head – a scene in Re-Animator that make censors squawk in utter disgust. Yes, director Stuart Gordon knows the score when it comes to unkind cuts. And when he received the script for the Fear Itself episode called Eater (penned by Johnathan Schaech and Richard Chizmar) his instinct told him it would reach the small screen neutered.

“I thought, ‘I can’t believe we’re going to do this on TV.’ Because it’s pretty explicit,” Gordon says with a smile. In his entry, a young police officer spends a night in her precinct with a cannibal. “It’s funny because it was going to NBC and I thought we would have to cut out all of the gore and mayhem. I showed the rough cut to my wife and she said, ‘They’re never going to show this on television.’ And they will.”

Of his experience on the production, which was shot up in Canada, Gordon relays, “I actually had a really good time doing it. The budget on the show was not high, and we had less time to shoot in than Masters of Horror – eight days to do the episode. I had a great leading lady, from Mad Men, she was perfect.”

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Source: Ryan Rotten


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