Stuart Gordon’s Got a Pirate Movie

Violent? You betcha.

Imagine a tale of high-seas swashbucklers and thieves by way of the man you brought you Re-Animator, Edmond and Dagon. It could happen. Of the projects cooking on director Stuart Gordon’s back burner, one is…a pirate film?

“I’ve been trying to get [it] made forever,” Gordon reveals while out promoting his latest project Stuck. “Every time I’m about to get this movie made, there would be a terrible pirate movie that would open up and that would be the end of it. Now, finally, Pirates of the Caribbean – a successful pirate movie – maybe I’ve got a shot.”

Gordon likens his take on the genre to a Sergio Leone movie. “It’s a a very violent, tough, hard-ass pirate movie.”

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Source: Ryan Rotten


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