After Dark Films is Officially Broken

Fourth title for Horrorfest 3

Last month, Courtney Solomon announced at Los Angeles’ Weekend of Horrors event, hosted by Fangoria, that his production/distribution outfit After Dark Films had acquired The Broken starring Lena Headey.

The company made it official by announcing the title will play in this year’s 8 Films to Die For (Horrorfest 3). It joins Faithless, Perkins’ 14 and The Butterfly Effect 3.

“When I saw The Broken, I knew that horror fans would be riveted by its nonstop suspense,” says Solomon. “Sean’s a master storyteller and it’s no surprise that it is well-crafted, visually stunning and exists on an intellectual plane that true fans of the horror genre will really enjoy. It’s so psychologically involving that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.”

Broken finds Headey wrapped up in a mystery involving a doppleganger she sees on the street. Her trust is destroyed when she learns her friends and family may be involved.

Source: After Dark Films


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