Chris, Sylvain White Pair Up for David

Supernatural thriller starring Elaine Hendrix

Writer-director Chris White will begin principal photography on what sounds like a good ‘ol haunter entitled David, the story of an emotionally bruised family hailing from New York who settles into an inherited farm house and face an “evil entity” that tests their sanity. “Murder and mayhem” ensue.

Actress Elaine Hendrix (Superstar) is the first on board playing Rachel Fuller. White is currently firming up the rest of the cast now. Behind the camera he’s got a steady team that includes Autonomous FX, cinematographer Christopher LaVasseur of Descent, executive producer (and cousin) Sylvain White (Stomp The Yard), executive producer Drew Oppelt, and producers Chris Sergi and Carol Ann Shine.

When he talks about the tone of David, White refers to such ’70s chillers like The Amityville Horror and The Changeling.

Source: Chris White, Arrow in the Head


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