FWoH ’08: Yakkel Scripting This is Your Death

People are just dying to get on T.V.

During the preview panel for Corbin Bernsen’s horror film, Dead Air, scribe Ken Yakkel exclusively revealed to attendees of Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors L.A. the next grim project he’s at work on.

It’s called This is Your Death, written by Yakkel and produced by Antibody Films’ Chris Aronoff, Jesse Lawler, Sonia Kazarova and SoDak Productions’ Lawreen Yakkel. Paul Todisco is directing. He was once attached as co-writer to Brian Singer’s Logan’s Run remake.

Yakkel explains the film is, “a dark twist on American Idol where contestants take their own lives in hopes of getting the best score of the week.” He stresses it is a “seriously dark drama that exploits the seedier side of Hollywood and those desperate who need their ten minutes of fame, no matter what the cost.”

Casting will begin in the coming months.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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