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Shock gets a face full of monster goo

Remember when you were a kid and your friends would challenge you with those “grosser than gross” jokes? I do.

“What’s grosser than gross?”

“Stapling a baby to a wall.”

“What’s grosser than that?”

“A squirrel nibbling on its entrails.”

Mature, I know. It appears John Gulager, Project Greenlight graduate, has the cinematic equivalent to a “grosser than gross” joke on his hands with the upcoming Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds. A follow-up to 2006’s romp ’em stomp ’em creature feature set in a bar under siege by toothy, muscle-bound monsters, Feast 2 finds Diane Goldner (playing “Biker Queen,” the twin sister of the late “Harley Mom”), Clu Gulager, Jenny Wade and Judah Friedlander (reprising their roles to one extent or another as Bartender, Honey Pie and Beer Guy, respectively) up against the same menace on a larger scale.

“This one is different,” Gulager tells this writer in the editing room at production outfit Neo Art & Logic. Today’s duties find the director cutting in footage from a recent green screen soundstage shoot that took place here in Los Angeles. “In fact, Feast 3 is going to be different than Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds. We start at the bar in the first film, then move to the town for the second, then to a city – well, beneath the city – for the third. Feast 4, if it ever happens, would be in the actual city.”

Gulager shot the second and third installments back-to-back, shifting production from Los Angeles (where the first was lensed) to Shreveport, Louisiana. “It was pretty stressful because we had a writer’s strike in the middle of it,” he says. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton scripted the film and actors Carl Anthony Payne (“Cockroach” from The Cosby Show), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Hanna Putnam (Nightmare Man) are just a few of the newcomers to the franchise who will either survive or be eaten.

He prefaces a slew of ribald scenes presented to me with, “I’ve gotten a pile of scripts this tall [since Feast],” he raises a hand to his waist, “that are vaguely similar to either Halloween or Black Christmas or a variation thereof…so we decided to do this.”

What he shows us is nothing less than a kick to the nuts and a vigorous tickle of the funny bone beginning with two pint-sized Luchadores, one incredibly well-endowed, fending off a Feast beast in their trailer. The rest of the scenes I’ve sworn to keep to myself, however, I will say each was more outrageous than the one before it, often eliciting from this writer shouts of, “What the f**k was that?” and “That’s sooo wrong on so many levels!” and “How are you getting away with this?!” The answer to the latter is easy: Feast 2 is going direct-to-DVD unrated.

“Dimension called to talk about the TV edit recently,” Gulager giggles. “They said I had input on the airplane edit and I was like, ‘This is never going to play on an airplane!’ Unless it’s a private plane.”

Feast 2 heartbeat pulses with depravity. Bodily fluids (take your pick, junior) spray. Bodies are whipped about. And flesh is bared. Oh, did I mention the cast is populated with glistening, heavily-armed God’s Girls? You can bet your ass Gulager has them stripped down by the end of the film – for logical purposes, I assure you. The monsters get plenty of screen time, too. Just don’t expect to know any more about them than you did in the first film.

“I think we make [their origin] even more confusing, but I’m not going to tell you where they are from. There is a line where the little guy says, ‘Maybe they’re a weapon created by the government, they’re testing it on us!’ And someone says, ‘That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,'” Gulager laughs then showing us an autopsy sequence unlike anything we’ve seen. It’s gag-worthy. “In these movies you always see the autopsy so we thought we’d go into that and…make it different.” He certainly has. “It’s like monster bukkake!”

No doubt about it, Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds is going to live up to its moniker. Gulager will be locking picture on part two soon, then he’ll begin editing Feast 3. Keep your eyes peeled to ShockTillYouDrop.com for more updates and release dates as they come in!

Source: Ryan Rotten

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