Idris Elba Talks New Thriller Obsessed


Screen Gems sets release date for ’09

Idris Elba’s presence in the horror genre began in the UK vampire series Ultraviolet. That followed with two pictures last year – The Reaping and 28 Weeks Later. Audiences will see him starring in Prom Night (opening today) and, in roughly a week, he’s off to Chicago where he’ll begin work in David Goyer’s The Unborn.

It doesn’t stop there.

In the coming months he’ll play a man, with a stunning wife (played by Beyonce Knowles), talked by a crazed temp worker (Heroes‘ Ali Larter) in Obsessed . “It’s pretty good,” he tells at the premiere of Prom. “We’ve got an interesting cast and we’re going to knock this one out. Steve Shill is a fantastic director and I’m really excited about it. We’ve had some really good rewrites on it, getting it as strong as it can be. It’s a classic – the premise is a classic: Fatal Attraction. But here we are trying to make a different version of it.”

Screen Gems announced it will release Obsessed on February 27, 2009.