Carpenter Bows Out of Fear Itself

Who is now directing Skin & Bones?

Carpenter fans, bench your excitement. Ol’ Johnny boy isn’t going to be participating in NBC’s summer horror anthology show Fear Itself this season.

Early reports around the web stated he was part of the directing lineup. Truth be told he was, working from a script by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan entitled Skin & Bones (more details). Sources then told us he wasn’t, then later insisted he was (back and forth, back and forth). has been informed Carpenter will not direct Skin & Bones. Instead, Larry Fessenden is stepping in to helm this episode. This puts the director of Habit, Wendigo and, most recently, The Last Winter in the position to get the most exposure he’s ever gotten – look at the details of Fear Itself‘s run: Broadcast on NBC and a Thursday night slot at 10pm. Not too shabby. He’s joining confirmed directors Brad Anderson, Stuart Gordon, Darren Bousman, Rob Bowman, Lem Dobbs and Ronny Yu.

Skin & Bones concerns a cattle herder who returns home to his family after being lost in the woods for days. Soon, a terrible mortal struggle ensues against the terrifying monster possessing him.

Fear Itself begins airing on May 29th.



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