Mulroney Seeks Guts for Life


Another organ harvesting thriller on the way

Organ harvesting. Who would have thought it’d be such a fad? From Repo! The Genetic Opera to Repossession Mambo, “Nip/Tuck” to Turistas, Hollywood’s writer sna directors are making a killing on the black market guts biz. Next up is Run for Her Life from 26 Films.

The Hollywood Reports says actor Dermot Mulroney will star in this organ harvesting thriller. He’s going to play a district attorney faced with the decision of saving hundreds of children being wiped out for their insides or his daughter who is in need of new lungs.

Baltasar Kormakur – a man of many hats who directs, writes, acts and hails from Iceland – will direct the film based on a script by Christian Escario and John Claflin (Fool’s Gold). Shooting begins in New Mexico this April.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter