EXCL: Genius Opening the Doors on Black House

Disc artwork, special features announced

Genius Products will release Yoshimitsu Morita’s Korean chiller, Black House, on DVD April 22nd. Get this, the picture was made in 1999; the story goes like this:

When an insurance investigator arrives at the scene of his latest case, a run-down house in the middle of nowhere, he discovers a little boy hanging from the ceiling. The child’s father is eager for insurance compensation, while the frail, grieving mother bears signs of physical abuse on her body. The police close the case as suicide, but the insurance investigator suspects foul play and fears that the mother may be the next target. Projecting his own troubled past into the case, he soon discovers the shocking repercussions of digging too deep.

The disc’s special features include:

• The Truth about Psychopaths: Making of the Film documentary

• The Secrets of the Black House: Production Design Featurette

• Deleted Scenes

Hi-res DVD cover art can be found in our gallery here.

Source: Genius Products


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