Lost Boys 2 Calls for Additional Shooting

Frog brother goes back to work

Through his most recent blog entry, actor Corey Feldman speaks with trepidation about reuniting with pal Corey Haim for the next season of “The Two Coreys” and embeds a little news update on The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe:

Speaking of secrets, it does appear we will be doing some additional photography for LB2 next week. All signs still positive on that front. I will try to sneak you a few more photos in the coming weeks…

When we spoke to writer Hans Rodionoff (interview) in December, he had just returned from seeing a cut of the P.J. Pesce-directed sequel. He was enthusiastic about what he had seen. And sources inside Warner Bros. tell us they’re pleased with the how the film turned out. Perhaps the additional shooting is for bonus material? We’ll look into it…

Source: Corey Feldman


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