RKO Spills Blood for Horror Remakes

Writers tackle Lewton library

Having signed an interim agreement with the WGA, RKO is doing a happy jig and moving forward on a handful of horror remakes they have in development. That includes those they announced last June and will produce with Twisted Pictures.

Variety reports Lady Scarface, While the City Sleeps, The Monkey’s Paw and The Seventh Victim are the latest Val Lewton flicks about to get a facelift under RKO’s newly-formed Roseblood Movie Co.

“The launching of the Roseblood Movie Co. was the motivating force behind our making an agreement with the Writers Guild,” RKO’s Ted Hartley tells the trade. “We’ve got other projects at RKO, but we needed to get going on this. The most successful ROI in the movie business comes from scary movies that get wide release and cost under $10 million. We’ve studied it extensively for our stockholders and investors and we saw the opportunity to take the rich Val Lewton library of scary thrillers and create a unique company out of it.”

The writers on board the recent crop of remakes are: Todd “Jason X” Farmer (The Monkey’s Paw), Tom “Eraser” Puryear (Lady Scarface), Shin “The Dead Zone” Shimosawa and Jim Morris (While the City Sleeps). No word on who is scripting The Seventh Victim yet.

Source: Variety


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