Marvel Zombies Animated Feature on the Way?

And, a pretty cool fan film

Marvel has been nurturing a feature film division on both the live-action and animated front to great success. For every “Spider-Man” flick, there are direct-to-DVD titles such as “The Avengers” and “Doctor Strange.” Well, the company is busting out the big guns this summer with both “Iron Man” and “Hulk” films. So what’s on tap in the animated world?

We’ve heard through the grapevine a “Marvel Zombies” direct-to-DVD feature is in development. Unfortunately, we don’t have a status of where the film is at or have a release date.

“Marvel Zombies” began as a comic book mini-series and featured “zombified” versions of pretty much all of your favorite superheroes. Set in an alternate universe (natch), the series most recently introduced Ash (from the “Evil Dead” franchise) to do battle with the likes of undead Wolverine, Spidey, et al.

Meanwhile, a pretty cool fan-made “Marvel Zombies” film recently appeared on online – click here to see it.

Source:, MySpace


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