Meet the Babes of Doghouse


It’s a battle of the sexes

Pre-production is moving along on Jake West’s horror-comedy The Doghouse. Evidence of this is now at the official site. The gallery has been significantly updated with loads of sharp ‘n sexy character conceptual art featuring the virus-ridden broads who make the film’s protagonists a living hell.

You see, West is pitting a pack of dudes against a hot spot full of broads with cannibalism on their minds. West, who previously helmed Evil Aliens, is directing from a script from “Dogwitch” comic creator Dan Schaffer.

Under the site’s “trailer” heading there’s a lengthy, thorough behind-the-scenes featurette. West, actress Emily Booth and FX wiz Bob Keen explain from the famous Pinewood Studios what they have in mind for the film.

Source: The Doghouse