Book of Blood Blog Opens

Bradley comments on new role

Producer Joe Daley will be recounting his experiences on the set of The Book of Blood, the new Clive Barker film getting underway this week in Edinburgh (read our previous report on the project here), via a blog at the Barker-dedicated Revelations site. His first update can now be read here.

And, following up on the exclusive we broke here, actor Doug Bradley is talking about his new role in “Blood” on his message boards.

“It’s set in the present day, but I play a character called Tollington who has been dead for pretty much a century. He was an occultist who occupied the house in Tollington Place (mentioned in Clive’s original story). It’s a brief but memorable appearance and I’m looking forward to it. I was up there yesterday for a photo shoot (for portrait and newspaper article which appear elsewhere in the movie and in discussion with the make-up department, agreed that my current cut does not sell the period and so we agreed to shave my head completely. It works too, because any similarities between Tollington and a certain Aleister Crowley would not be at all inappropriate…”

Source: Revelations, Doug Bradley


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