More Images from Halloween: Nightdance


Brief story synopsis revealed

Two more cover images for the debut issue of Devil’s Due Publishing’s “Halloween: Nightdance” have come a-knockin’ on our front door like a pair of trick ‘r treaters. See the previous two covers we introduced to you here.

Arriving on comic book shelves in February, writer Stefan Hutchinson and illustrator Tim Seeley (“Hack/Slash” creator) will introduce fans to an all-new Myers tale in a four-issue monthly series. Here’s the official synopsis:

“Michael Myers returns! On October 31st, evil descends on the small town of Russellville, Illinois. A young girl named Lisa discovers that a secret from her past has come back to haunt her, and he’s leaving a trail of bodies in his wake!”

Hutchinson knows a thing or two about the “Halloween” franchise, he directed the Anchor Bay DVD release “Halloween: 25 Years of Terror.” And be sure to keep an eye on a companion site dedicated to “Nightdance” that will get an official launch in 2008.

Glow-in-the-dark cover art awaiting approval

Retailer incentive limited edition cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz