Born Dies of Neglect

Status on Del Toro, Barker team-up project

It appears that all big-name parties involved in the psychological horror film Born have dropped out. According to Fangoria, actors Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany’s invovlement was never a lock and producer Guillermo Del Toro has backed away due to a busy schedule.

“I was only involved in that very briefly,” he tells Fango scribe Alan Jones. “I liked the idea, but in the course of it also being circled by Connelly and Bettany, my new production outfit Cha Cha Cha came to be formed. I knew I couldn’t juggle too many new projects together as a producer—there were more in my other company, Tequila Gang, too—so something had to get dropped. Born was one of those. I had to choose which were the more urgent ones to concentrate on.”

No word if ClearVision Media Production Group – those who spearheaded the project – or director Daniel Simpson will move on seeking new producing partners in this venture.

Source: Fangoria


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