Confirmed: Salva Writing & Directing Jeepers Creepers 3


TV series on the horizon?

The Creeper is ready to take flight again.

Victor Salva, we have learned via a number of highly reliable sources, is officially on board to write and direct Jeepers Creepers 3, the latest installment in MGM’s monstrous franchise that he created in 2001 and carried through with a sequel subsequently released in 2003. Both films introduced audiences to The Creeper, an ancient creature that comes out of hibernation for 23 days to feed.

Early rumblings on the web pegged Salva solely as a writer with the potential to direct, however, we have learned he is committed to overseeing the third chapter (shall we call it Jeepers Threepers?) himself. Whether it will fly straight-to-DVD or into theaters remains to be seen. Our contacts add that “Jeepers 3” may pave the way for a television series Salva is discussing with MGM and American Zoetrope (both mainstays in the franchise to date).

The initial Jeepers Creepers opened at $13 million, breaking Labor Day weekend box office records at the time. Its follow-up was met with a $15 million bow two years later during a similar holiday release period. Together, the films have pulled in a little over a $100 million, not counting DVD sales.

Shooting will begin on the threequel either before he begins production on or after he completes Entity, not to be confused with the Barbara Hershey-starring ghost story of the same name. Salva has stated on several occasions that Entity is the closest he will ever get to a sequel to his 1995 film Powder – he wrote it shortly after Powder as part of three films he refers to as his “alien trilogy.”


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