AFM: Paul W.S. Anderson Produces Pandorum


Director and writer locked in for…a sci-fi thriller?

Under Summit Entertainment’s “New Films” category in an AFM trade magazine there’s a listing for a film called Pandorum with not a hint of a plot synopsis to be found.

We’ll put this on our radar for a number of reasons, namely because Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt’s Impact Pictures (the “Resident Evil” franchise, Death Race) is producing with Constantin Film. Also, they’ve brought Christian Alvart on board to direct and his track record, so far, has been of the horror-thriller variety.

In ’05 the German director introduced us to the serial killer mystery Antibodies and Paramount will release his first American effort, Case 39, starring Renée Zellweger, in 2008. Thorough digging for more info on Pandorum didn’t yield much info other than the film is supposedly somehow steeped in sci-fi (and we had to translate some German to get that much!). Travis Malloy is the credited screenwriter.

Naturally, we’re looking into this further and will report back when we can.


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