AFM: Magnet Gets a Splinter

First official photo released

Magnet is making a dent in the American Film Market this year. Yesterday, the company scooped up Eden Log; today they’ve announced the acquisition of Toby Wilkin’s creature-heavy horror film Splinter, which is currently nearing completion.

The film finds a young couple held hostage by an ex-convict on the run besieged in an isolated gas station by an insatiable parasite that absorbs the corpses of its victims. The creature grows more horrifying with each murder, until the claustrophobia becomes unbearable for the three trapped protagonists, forcing a showdown with the monster.

“With its taut, terrific script and Toby Wilkins’ directorial and special effects talents, Splinter has a great shot at being a truly iconic horror film,” – strong words from Magnolia Pictures President Eamonn Bowles.

Following work on the film, Wilkins will tussle with some J-horror ghosts in The Grudge 3 – familiar work for him since he also helmed the “Tales of the Grudge” series for Ghost House Pictures.

For the first official still from Splinter pay a visit to this gallery.


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