Tobin Bell Joins Kurtzman’s Bump


Based on the horror comic book mini-series

Bump co-producer Scott Licina announced today that Tobin Bell, known to horror audiences worldwide for his turn as Jigsaw in the “Saw” franchise, will take on the lead role of Sheriff Lundy in the film adaptation of the acclaimed comic mini-series, Bump. Bell, who will also produce, joins fellow horror legend Robert Kurtzman, who will direct.

Kurtzman, who just finished directing To Live and Die with Sean Patrick Flannery and Joe Pantoliano for MGM, will also bring his special effects wizardry to bear on the project. Kurtzman’s horror directing resume includes The Rage and Buried Alive.

For his part, Bell is ready to get into the head of Bump‘s conflicted hero. “Sheriff Lundy has been enforcing local law for many years in this rural community. This is his turf,” Bell states in a press release. “He’s seen a lot in his day, but never anything like the terrifying, formidable foe he’s up against here. Seasoned, tough-as-nails, determined to prevail, this sheriff’s not the kind of guy you f**k with.”

A trade paperback collecting the four-issue Bump mini-series originally released by Fangoria, along with added bonus material, is slated to ship in early 2008. Critics from the comic world enthusiastically embraced the series upon its release this year.

Source: T.O.E. Entertainment

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