Spierigs on the Vamps of Daybreakers

Three new stills step into the light

Quint at AICN conducted an interview with Michael and Peter Spierig, sibling directors currently at work on Lionsgate’s vampire thriller Daybreakers.

The film introduces us to a world where vampires exist, yet, they are suffering from a lack of human blood. So, a group of scientists (led by Ethan Hawke) knock heads to cook up with some sort of solution to their plasma problem.

In addition to the interview, AICN scored a number of new stills, including a look at the vamps (check out the pics in our gallery) who bear no remarkable traits other than intense yellow eyes. But as Michael explains, “They get much worse … Like I said, the dilemma is that they are running out of blood and the photos you see are people who have had an adequate supply of blood. There are some people in this world who look far worse, but obviously that’s stuff that we are going to release just yet.”

For the full interview, click here.

Source: AICN


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