Jude Law on Repossession Mambo


A sci-fi thriller “with wit”

Out promoting his film Sleuth, actor Jude Law spoke to ComingSoon.net about the thriller garnering headlines around our neck of the woods Repossession Mambo.

“It takes place in Toronto in about twenty years’ time. [Forest Whitaker and I] play two ex-servicemen who fought in a war in Africa who both come back rather disturbed. And we work for a union company that makes artificial organs, and if you can’t pay for them, we come and repossess them. Did you see the Monty Python sketch? ‘We’ve come for your pancreas. It’s alright, it won’t hurt!’ That’s the kind of wit of it, it’s quite funny.”

Shooting begins soon with Miguel Sapochnik at the helm. For the full interview, click here.

Source: ComingSoon.net