UPDATED: Natali’s Splice Signs Polley

Dawn of the Dead star joins creature feature

Update: Scroll down for one in a series of advertising stills to promote the film! Click here for the rest – they’re pretty damn amazing and NSFW.

Vincenzo Natali’s upcoming sci-fi/horror/creature feature executive produced by Guillermo del Toro, Splice, scored a leading lady to be proud of: Sarah Polley. The actress previously took lead in 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake and Hal Hartley’s No Such Thing.

She’ll star opposite the previously announced Adrien Brody (King Kong). Together they’ll play two scientists who get mixed up in an experiment that merges human and animal DNA.

More details can be found in our chat with Natali here. Splice begins shooting in Toronto this November.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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