October Grindhouse Double-Feature!

God tells you to go

Writer-director Larry Cohen is synonymous with mutant babies and goopy white tasty crap (get your mind outta the gutter) called “The Stuff.” He also gave us winged serpents over New York City and most recently pushed Elisha Cuthbert through hell in Captivity. Now Cohen’s work is being paid tribute by the monthly Grindouse Film Festival at the New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Boulevard) in Los Angeles on October 23rd.

Audiences will get a double dose of Cohen with a screening of his 1976 effort God Told Me To and 1972’s Bone, starring Yaphet Kotto.

The night begins at 7:30pm with Larry Cohen in attendance. A raffle and prizes are also in store – and if you’re a Grindhouse regular, you know those prizes are pretty saucy. Tix for the evening at eight bones. For more details, visit the Grindhouse MySpace page.

Source: Grindhouse Film Festival


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