Swimming with the “Killer” Fishes

Piranha remake scribe speaks!

Our last report regarding Dimension Film’s Piranha gave you some indication that its creators mean business. It is gonna happen. (For the longest time, I’ll tell ya, I scoffed at the idea – I mean, really…Piranha?)

Clint at Moviehole wound up befriending writer Josh Stolberg who presented a bit of history about his involvement. “We wrote a spec script about, well, piranhas, and called it ‘Killer Fish.’ We sent it to J. Todd, who obviously put two and two together and snapped it up with an option. I knew the film would eventually get made, so even though we didn’t see money up front, we knew it would come back to us in dividends later.”

Aja, as he often does, is going back into the script to add his flourishes. For the full Stolberg article click here.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Moviehole


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