New 1-18-08 Scene Description?

And more rumors on the “monster”

The boys at AICN got it right the first time, we’re not gonna doubt them here.

According to a spy, a scene, possibly for a new teaser, for 1-18-08 goes a lil’ like this…

The new scene opens with several traumatized survivors, moving through a very dark corridor there’s slight cold blue illumination from halogen emergency lighting, a girl in the group is badly beaten up she’s bleeding and looks very sickly. The main group is comprised of 3 characters, Rob from the main trailer, the cameraman and a girl, though there may be others….US Army soldiers storm in shouting at them, demanding they drop they’re weapons, they shout back they’re unarmed, there’s a lot of commotion, then they’re herded briskly up some E.T style scientific tubing into a makeshift aid center, its very dark, threes lots of doctors tending to wounded and military walking about making the scene very busy. “What is that thing?” they ask as they catch their breath, the cryptic answer comes from a soldier “We don’t know, but it’s winning”

There’s much, much more here including reports that the film features not just one monster, but also parasitic creatures that affix themselves to their host’s scales. They’re another sort of danger altogether.

What gets me excited is that another spy is likening the film to the classic The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Can’t go wrong there.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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