EXCL: Don’t Think About It Clip

Coming to DVD September 4th

On September 4th, Universal Studios Home Entertainment releases R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It and today we’ve got a special clip from the film entitled “Buyer’s Remorse.” Yes, it’s geared towards the younger crowd, especially with a cast featuring Emily Osment and Alex Winzenread. Look for genre boogeyman Tobin Bell (of the “Saw” series) to pop up in our clip below.

Here’s the official synopsis of the direct-to-DVD flick.

Cassie (Emily Osment) is a 13-year old Goth girl struggling to adapt to a new neighborhood and a new school. Feeling like an outsider, Cassie acts out by playing spooky and outrageous pranks to frighten the popular kids at school, as well as her scaredy cat little brother, Max (Alex Winzenread). The day before Halloween, Cassie finds an odd little book called The Evil Thing that cautions readers “Do Not Read Aloud.” When Max insists on hearing the story, Cassie starts down a road that begins in the mysterious woods behind their house and leads to a mysterious stranger who changes their lives forever.”

DVD features include:

· The Making of Don’t Think About it – This special feature sheds light on what goes on in the shadows during the making of the R. L. Stine movie.

· Think About It! R.L. Stine’s Journey of the Imagination – R.L. Stine is one of the most beloved children’s author’s in history. Find out what scares the spookmaster and why his books are perennial fan favorites in this profile of the popular and prolific author.

· Interactive Scare-O-Meter – Are you scared of blood? Are you afraid of the dark? Viewers can rate their personal “Scare Quotient” with this exclusive interactive feature!

· Emily Osment’s Never-before-seen music video.

Now, onto the clip!

Buyer’s Remorse




Source: Ryan Rotten


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